The sugar coating is made


To create the viennese speciality cocktail known as "Wiener Milch" (Vienna Milk) one needs the following:

- a fresh slice of lemon
- 2 cl "Schönbrunner Gold" or "Vienna Gold" Liqueur
- 4 cl Absinthe Montmartre
- a big glas (preferably an Absinthe glas, ca. 20 cl)
- an Absinthe spoon
- a carafe or fontaine
- cold water
- ice cubes
- a lump of sugar

- fine crystal sugar

You start by dragging the slice of lemon along the rim of the glas to make it slightly wet. Next pour the sugar into a cup and put the glass into the sugar so that a coating of sugar will build up on the wet rim.

After that you let a few drops of the lemons juice fall into the glass before you discard the lemon slice.

Now 4 cl Absinthe Montmartre and 2 cl Schönbrunner Gold are poured into the glass.

Alternativly you could use some ordinary orange liqueur like Grand-Marnier oder Cointreau but it's only the viennese original with the Schönbrunner Gold ;-)



Pour 4 cl Absinthe Montmartre and 2 cl Schönbrunner Gold or Vienna Gold into a glas


Spoon and sugar in place


Next the Absinthe spoon is placed upon the rim of the glas.

After that a lump of sugar is placed into the middle of the spoon.



Now the water (well chilled with ice cubes) needs to be added. Let it drip out of the carafe or fontaine slowly and gently until the sugar is dissolved and the Absinthe is diluted with about 2 parts water.

At the end you can stir the mixture with the Absinthe spoon to ensure all the sugar is dissolved and everything well mixed.



Preparation with a fontaine

Your Vienna Milk awaits... a taste of viennese decadence!



If everything has been done correctly the green fairy will reward the patient absintheur with a nice opaline louche and a taste experience of the "viennese" kind.

Now is the time to lean back, relax and imagine yourself within an old viennese cafe while you enjoy your "Vienna Milk" and get a little taste of viennese lifestyle!

But be careful! Despite the fact that this bitter-sweet nectar goes down as smoothly as lemonade it packs quite a punch... we like things strong around here ;-)

PS: We strongly advise against setting Absinthe Montmartre on fire. That would be untraditional and could possibly have negative effects on the taste as well as ruin your spoons and glasses.