Pour 4 - 5 cl Absinthe Montmartre into a glas



To celebrate the absinthe ritual in an simple but correct way one needs the following:

- 4 to 5 cl Absinthe Montmartre
- a big glas (preferably an Absinthe glas)
- an Absinthe spoon
- a carafe
- cold water
- ice cubes
- a lump of sugar

One starts by pouring about 4 - 5 cl Absinthe Montmartre into the glas.

Next the Absinthe spoon is placed upon the rim of the glas.

After that a lump of sugar is placed into the middle of the spoon.


spoon and sugar in place


Preparation with a carafe


Now the water (well chilled with ice cubes) needs to be added. Let it drip out of the carafe slowly and gently until the sugar is dissolved and the Absinthe is diluted with about 3 to 4 parts water.

Be careful with this method! Most people tend to add the water to quickly ruining the louche and flavor. As Mr. Ponchon stated, don't try to drown her...

At the end you can stir the mixture with the Absinthe spoon to ensure all the sugar is dissolved and everything well mixed.

If everything has been done correctly the green fairy will reward the patient absintheur with a nice opaline louche and a pleasant floral aroma.

Now is the time to lean back, relax and enjoy your drink sip by sip!

PS: We strongly advise against setting Absinthe Montmartre on fire. That would be untraditional and could possibly have negative effects on the taste as well as ruin your spoons and glasses.


The green fairy awaits!